Boulder Child Therapy

Boulder Child Therapy (BCT) offers child psychotherapy services for home and school success. The therapeutic process focuses on mindfulness, social skills and authentic self-esteem.

-Discipline Success
-Social Skills
-Emotional Intelligence
-Organizational Skills
-Bilingual English/Spanish Services Available

Maria, founder of BCT, offers bilingual, comprehensive child psychotherapy services based on the latest brain-based research that illuminates the neuroscience behind self-regulation and impulse control.

Due to Maria’s extensive background in education, she actively seeks out collaboration with schools making change possible on a profound level. And, families are included in the process and given tools that can contribute to a dynamic and fulfilling family life.

“I believe in effective techniques that make real change possible in the lives of children and their families. Today’s brain-based research is showing us the way to create harmonious families based on self-discipline and emotional self-regulation. This is possible now and it is possible for you!”